Season 8, Episode 11
A Look in the Line
Air date October 7, 2010
Guest Judge Norma Kamali
Who's In Andy South
Who's Out Christopher Collins
There's a Pattern Here
We're in a New York State of Mind


The six remaining contestants are given the challenge of designing a look for Heidi Klum's New Balance active wear line in two days.


The winner would have their best look sold and produced on


On the first day, however, Heidi increases the number of looks to three, and the six most recently eliminated contestants are brought back to help the designers. Ivy accuses Michael C. of cheating on a previous challenge; Tim Gunn dispels the accusations. After the runway show, Heidi announces that all three of Andy's looks will be produced and sold, not just one as previously announced.


  • all previous contestants that were eliminated in the past came to help the current contestants in making their 3 looks
  • Ivy accuses Michael C of cheating

Memorable QuotesEdit


Who's In: Andy South

Who's Out: Christopher Collins

Photo GalleryEdit

You can see photos from the episode here!

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