Ari South
Andy south season 8
Waianae, HI
Freelance designer and personal assistant to another designer
Favorite Designer
Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano

Ari South was a designer on the eighth season of Project Runway. At the time, she went by her birth name Andy South.

Personality Edit

Ari's clothes and aesthetic is mostly Asian inspired and also "warrior-woman". Ari is the youngest of 5 kids and was raised by a single mother who was an immigrant from Laos. Ari's family currently resides in Waianae, HI. Ari is friendly to and respects all contestants and is never mean or makes snarky remarks. When mentioning rumors, she respects people's privacy and does not tell who the source of the rumor is or where she heard it. She was especially sympathetic to Michael C when he was not making it to Fashion Week. In the final episode, Finale Part 2, she mentioned that she played the "quiet one" throughout the competition, hence she does not have many memorable quotes. She is easily stressed out and can be seen crawling under a table and hugging a wall in Episode 13, "Finale, Part 1".

Challenges Won Edit

During Season 8, there is a total of 12 challenges, with Ari winning 2 of them. She won the challenges on Episode 3, "It's a Party", and on Episode 11, "A Look in the Line".

In Episode 3, all contestants must use no fabric and make a high-fashion and well made dress. Ari used silver garlands that were weaved/braided together, as well as folded into intricate triangles. Although Ari was over-ambitious, Peach Carr volunteered to help in the making of her dress. The end result was a stunning, short, black dress that Ari said "looked as if it was made of real leather." In Episode 11, Heidi was the client of the contestants. They all had to make 3 outerwear looks for Heidi's line New Balance activewear. The prize would be that 1 of the winner's looks would be produced and sold on In the end, Ari made all of her looks so beautiful, Heidi chose to sell all looks on instead of just 1.

Challenges Lost Edit

Ari was not eliminated in any challenges, and made it to Fashion Week, where she did not win. Ari placed in the bottom 3 in Episode 8, "A Rough Day on the Runway" and in Episode 10, "There's a Pattern Here."

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Photo GalleryEdit

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