Season 8, Episode 13
Finale, Part 1
Air date October 21, 2010
Guest Judge N/A
Who's In Andy South, Mondo Guerra, & Gretchen Jones
Who's Out Michael Costello
We're in a New York State of Mind
Finale, Part 2(Season 8)


The four remaining designers are given six weeks and $9000 and return to their homes to prepare a ten-piece line, knowing that only three of them will ultimately be chosen to show at Fashion Week. When the designers return to New York on the eve of Fashion Week, they are given two days to create one additional look to show as part of a mini-line consisting of that look and two of their existing pieces.


Based on the showing of that line, three designers are chosen to continue and will display their entire lines at Fashion Week.



Memorable QuotesEdit


Who's In: Andy South, Mondo Guerra, & Gretchen Jones

Who's Out: Michael Costello

Photo GalleryEdit

You can see photos from the episode here!

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