Season 8, Episode 2
Larger Than Life
S8e2 box
Air date August 5, 2010
Guest Judge Joanna Coles
Who's In Gretchen Jones
Who's Out Nicholas D'Aurizio and Jason Troisi
And Sew It Begins
It's a Party


Contestants must design a contemporary look that represents a Marie Claire woman. The winner's look will be displayed on a 40 x 40ft billboard in Time Square.


All contestants must also complete a photo shoot with their models in their dress and posing.


Joanna Coles is the episode's guest judge. Jason and Nicholas are both heavily criticized for their unpolished looks. Gretchen is -once again- the winner for her chic, yet comfortable, jumpsuit.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "At night she would feel like she was wearing a satin bedspread. For day, everyone in the office would say is that a walk of shame dress?" (Jason, however, thought his dress was suitable for day and night)- Michael Kors
  • "If she takes the cape off, she’s naked, if she keeps the cape on, she might be joining a religious sect," (Nicholas D'Aurizio thought his outfit work with or without his cape.) - Michael Kors
  • "What are you doing now, are you showing us her underwear?" – Heidi Klum to Jason Troisi
  • "It’s old. It’s Blanche Devereaux," - Tim Gunn
  • "It’s like an Amish cocktail dress," - Michael Kors
  • "This is like desperate housewives," - Nina Garcia
  • "I don't care what others think. They don't interest me," - Jason Troisi


Photo GalleryEdit

You can see photos from the episode here!