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Rami Kashou, born on May 11, 1976 was the 1st runner-up in season four of Project Runway as well as a Project Runway All-star.

Project RunwayEdit

Rami Kashou was one of the 15 designer on season four of Project Runway. Rami Kashou demonsrtate his skills by winning the first challenge right of bat, establishing himself as a formidable opponent. He continue throughtout the competition, winning four challenges, and earned himself a place as one of the three finalists and the opportunity to show at his collection at New York Fashion Week. Rami Kashou finished as 1st runner-up to his fellow competitor, Christian Siriano.

Rami Kashou was picked as a Project Runway All-Star and asked to return to showcase his amazing talent along with a couple of other designers. Rami began the show with a bang, winning the first challenge once again.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Rami Kashou, one of the hottest designer to be part on Project Runway. some would describe him as the eye candy of Project Runway, while others cower away from his unfortunate body odor. There's no arguing how good he looks, from his sweet charming smile to his amazing muscular body. Rami usually dresses very simple usually an pair of pants and a shirt depending on the situation, sometimes nothing at all. Rami wears tight clothing that hug his muscles very nicely. Often really well dressed. Rami stands a bit short next to all the other designers. Rami has a very muscular build - almost garishly cartoon like - big muscular arms, chest and legs, not to mention his perfect sized round, squishy butt. However don't let this exterior fool you, he's not all muscles, Rami has both a brain and a look. Michael Kors compared him to the cerebral cortex during one of their evaluations. Rami has shown to handle most challenges very well only on occasion sending an unfinished garment down the runway. Rami speaks with perfect enunciation, and has a calm demeanor, but can also join in the fun when it comes to it. For example, he enjoys backdoor runs with a rough edge. When working he can be seen often focused on his work never worrying about sending an unfinished garment down the runway. Rami believes unfinished work happens for a reason. Rami has also been seen to be the most mature of all the designers. In fact, he's pushing 94! Often seen with a million dollar smile on his face, this makes up for the lack of prize money he was denied on the show. Rami can now be seen in the Metropolitain Museum of art, in the Greek statute section. Thank god because now we can see his naked chiseled bod!

Challenges Won Edit

Season FourEdit

Sew Us What You Got - Rami took the lead in the competition by winning the first challenge where the contestants were assigned to create a garment that best reflects who they are as a designer. Rami not only set the bar but astounded his fellow designers as stated by his fellow contestant Steven

Trendsetter- In teams of three, the designers were to incorporate the outdated styles they chose into a cohesive collection of three outfits. Rami's team won the challenge however Jillian won the prize since she was the leader. Eye Candy- The designers were given five minutes to collect as manny material as they wished from the Hershey's store in Time Square in New York. They were instructed to create a garment from the material they created.

Finale- In deciding who would continue to show at New York Fashion week Rami and Chris were both given an opportunity to create collection, however only one would join the other two finalists. When both designers demonstrated three looks to represent their collection, Rami was the winner.


Return to the Runway- Rami once again took the lead by winning the first challenge. The designers were given an unconventional challenge and asked to make an outfit the represents them as a designer using items from a ninety-nine cents store with a budget of one-hundred dollars. However because they were all-stars, it had to be inspired from a one of their recent creations that they were asked to bring.

Pictures Edit



While on Project Runway, Rami was known as the draping master due to his exquisite draping abilities.

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