Season 8, Episode 10
There's a Pattern Here
Air date September 30, 2010
Guest Judge Rachel Roy
Who's In Mondo Guerra
Who's Out Valerie Mayen
Race to the Finish
A Look in the Line




The designers are given the challenge to create a textile design based on an profound moment or time in their lives. Their design will be converted into fabric that the designers have to use to make a garment of their choosing. The challenge is interrupted on the first when the designers' loved ones make a surprise visit and work is suspended for the rest of the day. Emotions are high for most contestants after their family visits. Mondo struggles with a secret he has been keeping ten years—that he is HIV positive—which he incorporates into his design and reveals during the runway show.


Memorable QuotesEdit


Who's In: Mondo Guerra

Who's Out: Valerie Mayen

Photo GalleryEdit

You can see photos from the episode here!

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