Season 8, Episode 5
There IS an 'I' in Team
Team lux
Air date August 27, 2010
Guest Judge Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman
Who's In Team Military & Lace
Who's Out A.J. Thouvenot
Hats Off to You
You Can Totally Wear That Again

The team that works together stays together!


The first group challenge is to create a collection, yet still showcasing each designers uniqueness and style.


One winner will be safe from elimination next week



  • Michael Costello gets to pick his team first, much to the dismay of his fellow designers
  • Gretchen hi-jacks the leader role, even though she hasn't placed in the last 2 episodes
  • The teammates turn on Michael C. during judging, despite their conversation in the waiting room on how they would all be missed and how they would face consequences together as a whole
  • The underdogs work surprisingly well together, despite Casanova's usual self-doubting
  • Tim Gunn calls out Team Luxe for allowing Gretchen to manipulate and bully the team members, essentially creating "her" collection

Memorable QuotesEdit


Who's In: Team Military & Lace pull together a racy yet stylish collection. Casanova and his lace top and military pant creation pave him the way to victory.

Who's Out: Team Luxe, who was expected to win, lost to the underdogs. The team promises to stand tall as a whole, then throw Michael C. under the bus: A.J. is sent home after the rest of the team follows Gretchen's suit.

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